The technology of EMT meets SUSO FOY.


It is easy to carry and helps replenish hydration in your daily life, making it convenient to use while on the go.

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Slips right into your bag!! Easily portable while helping you replenish hydration throughout the day.

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It provides a refreshing taste with a convenient capacity for use in the kitchen or living room.

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This fulfills customer hydration needs in places like cafes, bakeries, and sports centers.

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The technology of SUSO FOY-EMT

High concentration of dissolved hydrogen.

The mineral water or tap water we consume does not contain separate hydrogen gas (H2)." The EMT hydrogen generation device excels in the technology of generating abundant hydrogen from regular water and stably dissolving it back into the water.

Extended hydrogen dissolution time.

Hydrogen, being the lightest substance, tends to evaporate completely from water within around 10 minutes from the moment it dissolves. EMT's hydrogen water generator enables long-lasting hydrogen dissolution in water.

Rechargeable battery

It can be conveniently charged and used anywhere, anytime using the universal C-type charging method.


Maintaining high concentration even at high temperatures.

Hydrogen is sensitive to temperature changes and is difficult to dissolve at high temperatures. EMT's hydrogen water generator enables high levels of hydrogen concentration even at around 80°C.

Tritan, an environmentally friendly material.

We use Tritan, a heat-resistant and BPA-free eco-friendly material commonly used in baby bottles, allowing you to enjoy clean and safe high-concentration hydrogen water anywhere, anytime without worrying about environmental hormones.

Convenient portability

Designed with a slim and compact design, it is easy to carry and can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere.

The innovation of the ice maker.

Discover the clue to the good water.

Using EMT's technology, we have developed a distinctive hydrogen generator that can be applied in various sectors. This exceptional hydrogen generation technology has initially been implemented in the commonly used ice maker. We will strive for further innovative and reliable development of hydrogen generators.

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